List of Scholar Schemes

List of Scholarship Schemes for Students in Tamil Nadu

List of Scholar Schemes for Tamil Nadu state government provides the various scholarship schemes for undergraduate, Ph.D., Postgraduate, minority students. Many intelligent students are not continuing their studies due to some financial problems. So that Indian Government provided the scholarships scheme for students who belong to backward communities and having financial problems to continue their higher education

This article provides the some list of scholarship schemes for students that offered by Tamil Nadu state Government

Here’s the List of Scholar Schemes for students in Tamil Nadu:

List of Scholar Schemes

Post Matric scholarship for minorities:

This scholarship belongs minority students who are present in the Tamilnadu state

Eligibility List of Scholar Schemes:

  • Candidate must belong to a Minority community
  • Students who are studying PG and UG courses
  • A student should score 50% or more than in the previous examination
  • Family annual income should be less than Rs 2 lakh per annum
  • A student will receive Rs 6000 per annum under this scholarship scheme

Adi Dravidar and Tribal welfare scholarship for SC/ST students:

This tribal scholarship scheme belongs to SC/ST community students who are the permanent resident of Tamilnadu. Under this students must complete their studies like UG and PG courses


  • Candidate must belong to SC or ST backward communities
  • Family annual income should be less than Rs 2 lakh
  • Applicants would receive the scholarship for UG students Rs 6000 per annum and for PG students Rs 6360 per annum

Central Sector scholarship scheme:

This scholarship scheme of for students who are pursuing 1st-year undergraduate courses. Students receive this scholarship as Rs 10,000 per annum


  • Students who are studying undergraduate 1st-year courses
  • Applicant should score the more than 80% in the previous year
  • Family annual income should not more than Rs 2 lakh

Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu Scholarship scheme:

This scholarship is applicable for undergraduate and postgraduate students in Tamil Nadu colleges


  • Candidate must be pursuing colleges in Tamil Nadu
  • Applicant should have achieved the first 3 places in individual events and first or second places in games
  • Family annual income should be less than Rs 2 lakh per annum
  • Candidates receive the scholarship as Rs 13000 per annum

Post Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarships for single girl child:

This scholarship scheme is provided for girl student for her higher education. She would receive the scholarship as Rs 3100 per month


  • Girl student without having any brother or sister to her
  • Only for the post Graduate 1st-year students

Kishore Vigyanik Protsahan Yojana:

This scheme is benefited for the undergraduate and post Graduate students.


  • Selection can be done by the aptitude test
  • For PG Students who are pursuing in B.Sc chemistry, Microbiology, Mathematics must score 60%
  • For UG students must score minimum 60% marks in intermediate
  • Scholarship amount for UG students Rs 5000 per month and for PG students Rs 7000 per month

Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority students:

This scholarship is applicable to the minority students present in Tamilnadu state


  • Applicant belong to a minority community
  • Candidates should be in full-time courses
  • Applicant must score more than 50% in the previous exam
  • Family annual income should be less than Rs 2 lakh
  • Applicant must receive the Rs 25000 per month for initial 2 years

These are some Scholarship scheme provided by the Tamilnadu government for financially poor students to continue their education. Why because education plays the main role in human life for their bright future. Till now so many students used these scholarship schemes and completed their education successfully.

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